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       Hunan LeJian union sports industry development co., LTD£¬WegymerHealth 'is a registered capital1000The sports industry development of the company£¬At present through independent research and development of mobile Internet management platform running offline chain fitness personal training hall in changsha£¬Service network has covered the changsha wanda plaza¡¢Beichen delta¡¢Green central plaza¡¢Evergrande royal peninsula scene¡¢Hunan radio and television, such as the urban core¡£Health of dedicated to high-end community£¬Was determined to become China's major cities and high-end sports venues and facilities of specialized management institutions¡£The company plans to build contains exercise¡¢Senior management team of the project such as fight and digital management system£¬For the urban high-end community¡¢A five-star hotel¡¢Government investment in sports facilities and operating hosting service to provide the best talents¡£

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